Me and Mama
Author: Cozbi A.Cabrera
For Reception/Lower KS1
Price 13.99 hardback
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Me and Mama A young brown-skinned girl rises early, wanting to spend some special time with her mother before anyone else in the family is awake. She treasures their shared rituals and notes similarities and differences in her own small version of each object that marks their progress through this rainy day: her mama's toothbrush, cup, breakfast bowl, dress, hair slide, or footwear. The lovely artwork with its detailed domestic and street scenes reiterates the young girl's love of colour and attention to detail: the moss in the cracks in the pavement, the fiery red of a woodpecker's head. The poetic text evokes her enjoyment of her mother's company, and later, as she falls asleep the images from this special day are recalled - and catalogued in the endpapers of the book.