Author: Henry Cole
For KS1/KS2
Price 14.99 hardback
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Unspoken Set in the time of the American Civil War and the ending of slavery, this haunting wordless book tells the story of a young farm girl who follows her conscience to help the runaway she discovers to be hiding in the family's barn. In an atmosphere made tense by the arrival of confederate soldiers hunting their 'quarry', she overcomes her fear and begins smuggling food to the fugitive. The illustrations are in monochrome pencil strokes, creating seemingly static tableaux within which tiny details propel the forward movement of the story, unfolding secrets in a necessarily wordless narrative - where silence implies a moral choice. The deceptively simple story offers a vivid introduction to the history of the 'underground railroad' and the bravery of those involved. An author's afterword discusses these issues and invites the reader to wonder how they would behave if faced with his heroine's dilemma.