Mary Seacole: Bound for the Battlefield
Author: Susan Goldman Rubin
For Juniors/KS2
Price 7.99 paperback
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Mary Seacole: Bound for the Battlefield A biography of the now famous but for too long forgotten nurse, Mary Seacole. She is most remembered for her unstinting care of soldiers in the Crimea, for which she earned the nickname 'Mami' from one of her patients, Prince Victor, a nephew of Queen Victoria. From her birth in Kingston Jamaica to her death in London 76 years later, we read about her bravery, self belief, kindness and skill as a nurse and true trailblazer as a woman of colour. The racism she encountered throughout her life (Florence Nightingale was particularly bigoted and refused her offer of help) is clearly discussed, as is her racial identity as Creole. This is a welcome addition to the Black History of Britain. Every page is accompanied by a full page colour illustration