Community and Identity
Author: Dan Lyndon
For Juniors/KS2 & KS3
Price 8.99 paperback
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Community and Identity Part of an excellent new Black History series from a British author, this title looks at terms such as 'Black British' and 'African American' in an age where the racial composition of those societies is increasingly diverse. It explore how identity is shaped by the watershed moments in the history of black communities in the USA and Britain and their changing relationship to the larger society. It considers the importance of leaders and inspirational role models, such as Diane Abbott, Condoleezza Rice and Barack Obama, and celebrates the increasing representation of people of African and Caribbean heritage in the national culture. It prompts debate about issues such as 'multiculturalism' or the status of 'black history month', and looks at continuing social problems of racism, exclusion and gang violence. The attractive layout draws in the reader with a variety of texts and a fascinating array of visual materials. There is also a timeline, glossary, bibliography and list of websites for further research.