Anansi And The Box of Stories
Author: Katie Dale & Valentina Bandera
For KS1/lower KS2
Price 4.99 paperback
Book(s) at 4.99 paperback
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Anansi And The Box of Stories This small format picture/first chapter book tells how Nyame the Sky God keeps all the world's stories in a box and refuses to give or sell them to anyone. Anansi the Spider who loves stories is determined to win possession of them and asks Nyame to name his price.The Sky God sets him the task of making him a present of the three most deadly creatures in the jungle, confident that he will never succeed. But wily Anansi uses a series of tricks to capture a fearsome snake, leopard and hornet and is rewarded with the gift of the story box which he then shares with the rest of the world.