Anancy And Mr Drybone
Author: Fiona Frency
For KS1
Price 6.99 paperback
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Anancy And Mr Drybone Anancy takes human form as a handsome young black man in this stylish tale drawing on characters from Caribbean and West African folk tales. Rich Mr Dry-Bone and poor Anancy are rival suitors for the hand of Miss Louise - who has vowed only to marry a man who can make her laugh. Mr Dry-Bone hopes to woo her with extravagant conjuring tricks, but t hese are no match for Anancy who pieces together an extraordinary outfit with borrowed items from his friends: Tiger, Dog, Alligator, Monkey and Parrot. His outlandish appearance at Miss Louise's door is greeted with an outburst of laughter, and the two marry and live happily ever after. The artwork features ornate borders to pages and uses silhouettes and cut out shapes with black and white designs to striking effect, all set off with splashes of vivid colour.