Runaway Tortilla, The
Author: Eric A.Kimmel
For Early Years/KS1
Price 8.99 paperback
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Runaway Tortilla, The In this hilarious Hispanic take on the Gingerbread Man story, one of Tia Lupe's famously light and fluffy tortillas claims it is too beautiful to be eaten and makes a run for it. The owners of the Mexican speciality restaurant give chase and before long the pursuit continues across a desert landscape and is joined by an ever increasing number of hungry participants: lizards, donkeys, jack rabbits, rattlesnakes and even cowboys on horseback. The tortilla escapes them all, however, even taunting its pursuers with a cheeky song until its bid for freedom is curtailed by the wily Senor Coyote who tricks the tortilla and brings events to a tasty conclusion. The story uses repetition and cumulative refrains to great effect and the Spanish words scattered freely throughout are easily understood from the context..