Little Red And the Hungry Lion
Author: Alex T.Smith
For Early Years/KS1
Price 6.99 paperback
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Little Red And the Hungry Lion With much visual mischief, this brilliantly funny picture book transposes elements of 'Little Red Riding Hood' to an African setting, Here, Little Red sets off on an emergency visit to her Auntie Rosie who has woken up covered in spots. A safari style journey brings her encounters with various animals without mishap until she is accosted by a hungry lion as she rests in the shade of a tree. Learning the reason for Little Red's outing, the lion concocts a wicked plan, only to be comprehensively outwitted by our resourceful heroine when she subsequently finds him in bed masquerading as her aunt. She teases him about the state of his hair, insists on braiding it into beribboned dreadlocks and completes his humiliation by making him brush his teeth and change into a pretty frock. Little Red finally takes pity on the impostor, allowing him to share her basket of doughnuts once he has released her aunt from a cupboard and promised never ever to try such a trick again.