Chapatti Moon
Author: Pippa Goodhart
For Reception/KS1
Price 6.99 paperback
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Chapatti Moon Mrs Kapoor is hungry and decides to cook up a feast of dosas, masalas, pakoras, samosas and chutneys, the finishing touch to be a freshly-made chapatti. But a sudden noise startles her, causing the chapatti to fly out of the pan, roll across the floor and out of the door. So begins this Asian-flavoured take on the Gingerbread Man story with its play on the notion of a tasty morsel in flight from an ever-increasing crowd of pursuers. In this version its bid for freedom is curtailed when a donkey gives the chapatti a tremendous kick, launching it into the sky where it hangs like a new moon, before eventually sinking back to earth - right into the lap of Mrs Kapoor who wastes no time in eating in up.