Alone in the Forest
Author: Bhajju Shyam, Gita Wolf & Andrea Anastasio
For Infants/KS1
Price 10.99 hardback
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Alone in the Forest The image of lone child losing its way in a forest is at the symbolic heart of many a folk tale. He or she may be intercepted by a witch such as Baba Yaga or threatened by an animal, notably a wolf, but in this instance, a young Indian boy falls victim to fear itself. Musa enters the forest to fetch firewood for his sick mother and all is well until a loud noise reduces him to absolute terror. He hides in the hollow of a tree, prey to visions of wild boar encircling him. His challenge is to find a way out of his state of mind. Much of the story is told visually through design and typography. The wonderful stylised illustrations by a famous Gond artist from a central Indian tribe of forest dwellers are adept at conveying the shift and intensity of the boy's emotions.