Ossiri and the Bala Mengro
Author: Richard O'Neill & Katharine Quarmby
For KS1
Price 6.99 paperback
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Ossiri and the Bala Mengro Ossiri is a young Traveller, a 'Tattin Folki' or rag and bone person, who, with her family, collects and recycles 'settled people's' unwanted clothes and furniture as they travel around. Ossiri is determined to be a musician but the terrible sounds from her hand-made instrument are not appreciated. Warned that she will awaken a nearby ogre, she manages, much to everyone's surprise, to win over the terrifying Bala Mengro (Hairy Person as explained in the glossary). An original and very funny tale told by Romani storyteller Richard O'Neill which offers insights into the rich folklore and historical culture of the Travellers' community. Details of this alternative way of life are wonderfully conveyed by Tolson's brightly coloured illustrations.