My Grandma and Me
Author: Mina Javaherbin
For Early Years/KS1
Price 7.99 paperback
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My Grandma and Me This charming picture book tells of the author's childhood in Iran and the special bond she shares with her devout Muslim grandmother. As a small girl she loves to participate in her grandmother's routines: she gets up early to share her morning prayer, she helps lower a basket from their third-floor apartment to take delivery of bread. This is a respectful and inclusive world, seen in their daily visits to the Christian family next door, where she plays with her best friend as the two grandmothers sit chatting and knitting blankets to be donated to their local mosque or church. She admires her grandmother's many hand-sewn chadors, and sometimes uses them as props in the games she plays. When older she is presented with her own chador which she proudly wears to accompany her grandmother to the mosque in the holy month of Ramadan. Lindsey Yankey's lovely illustrations conjure up the remembered beauty of this childhood world where fabrics, carpets and tiles are intricately patterned, incorporating cultural motifs and jewel-like colours.