Milo Imagines the World
Author: Matt de la Pena
For Infants/KS1
Price 12.99 hardback
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Milo Imagines the World On a regular Sunday subway ride, a young boy passes the time observing his fellow travellers, daydreaming about their lives and doodling with crayons in his sketchbook. He imagines a home cluttered with cats and rats for the whiskered man doing a crossword; and the neatly dressed boy with pristine white shoes must surely live in a castle. He shows his drawings to his sister who is more preoccupied with her mobile phone. The hints that this is an anxious journey are explained when we realised that the two children are making a monthly visit to their mother who is in prison. At their destination, Milo is surprised to find the neatly dressed boy in the same queue for visitors and he learns to revise his imaginings, a lesson for the reader too when the reason for the children's monthly journey is revealed.. The language is rich and evocative, a perfect complement to Christian Robinson's lovely artwork which juxtaposes Milo's own crayon drawings with panoramic views of the subway carriage and its diverse passengers in joyous, colourful detail and carries its own message about how art re-imagines the world around us.