Kechi's Hair Goes Every Which Way
Author: Tola Okogwu & Naomi Wright
For Early Years/KS1
Price 6.99 paperback
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Kechi's Hair Goes Every Which Way In this celebration of the natural beauty of untamed hair, Kechi enjoys having it fashioned into different styles by her mother as part of the pre-school routine. She knows how to effect an Afro Puff, or braids with beads on the end, or a ballerina's bun, or sometimes Kechi just revels in the curly mass left to find its own shape. But when her mother is away one morning, Kechi's father struggles to know what to do with her mass of ' bouncy boingy curls' and after trying unsuccessfully to follow all Kechi's instructions, agrees to leave it just as it is, much to Kechi's delight. This simple picture book with its humorous message seeks to instill confidence and self-worth in any child worried that their hair is somehow different.