Julian at the Wedding
Author: Jessica Love
For Early Years/KS1
Price 12.99 hardback
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Julian at the Wedding This sequel to Julian is a Mermaid, shows the young boy enjoying all the glamour and excitement of a wedding party in which he and a new friend, Marisol, are given a role. Both are accompanied by their grandmothers, whose gorgeous costumes are eye-catching, particularly to Julian who, as ever, is entranced by the idea of people taking pleasure in dressing up. The sumptuous artwork uses a neutral beige background to set off the dazzling colour and detail of everyone's outfits and mirrors Julian's own fascination for these displays. He shows off his own talent by fashioning a new outfit for Marisol when her dress gets dirty. In this story with few words, the pictures convey a gentle tale of gender fluidity not least in its setting of a wedding between two women - a stylish occasion where sheer exuberance of dress speaks of self-confidence and self-worth.