If All the World Were
Author: Joseph Coelho
For Early Years/KS1
Price 6.99 paperback
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If All the World Were A young girl of Indian heritage describes her love for her grandfather and the many activities they share according to the different seasons of the year. They play with a second hand race track he buys; she draws and paints in a homemade notebook he makes for her.. With winter he tells her stories from his childhood, of Indian sweets, and snakes and tigers. But the passing of time brings sadness too and the day comes when her beloved grandfather's chair stands empty. But when she helps her parents clear out his room she discovers another notebook he has left for her and this allows her love for him to be preserved as she confides her memories to its pages.. A comforting, sensitive book in its dealing with the death of a much loved grand parent, with illustrations that match the delicacy of feeling,