I Walk With Vanessa
Author: Kerascoet
For Reception/KS1
Price 13.99 hardback
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I Walk With Vanessa This wordless book by husband-and-wife team Kerascoet pictures the repercussions of a simple act of kindness towards Vanessa, a brown-skinned girl who is bullied as she walks home alone from her first day at a new school by an angry-looking white boy. Another girl witnessing this encounter is dismayed to see Vanessa rush into her home in tears and alerts her group of friends to what has happened. She stays awake that night fretting over the incident, but in the morning has the idea of calling at Vanessa's house and offering to accompany her to school. Her concern has been shared by her friends and she and Vanessa are joined on the journey to school by more and more children wanting to show solidarity in their opposition to bullies. The artwork is highly effective in focusing on the emotions of the children involved, the interactions and thought-processes of their diminutive figures are depicted in dramatic colours against pale monochrome backgrounds of house and streets. An afterword includes some advice on bullying for children and for adults discussing the book with them.