I Am Enough
Author: Grace Byers
For Reception/KS1
Price 12.99 hardback
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I  Am Enough This picture book seeks to nurture positive feelings in any child lacking in self-confidence, and was conceived as a gentle anti-bullying message. It features one brown skinned young girl, sometimes alone, sometimes interacting with girls of other racial heritage, all intent on being themselves, revelling in their discovery of their powers - whether of physical or intellectual prowess. It affirms celebrations of their differences and individuality: they are of various shapes, hairstyles, races. One is a wheelchair user, another wears a headscarf. Whilst the poetic text is occasionally unsubtle, the vivid acrylic illustrations are a lesson in inclusivity: children with glasses, Afro hairstyles, varied shapes and skin tones, some wear headscarves, or use wheelchairs