Hair, It's a Family Affair
Author: Mylo Freeman
For Reception/KS1
Price 12.99 paperback
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Hair, It's a Family Affair Asked to tell her class about her family, Macy chooses to talk about their various hairstyles. Her grandmother wears a tamer, neat gray version of the impressive Afro she sported as a young women, her sister and her friends sport various styles of braids and locks, and her young brother hopes to stay still long enough for his mum to fashion a smart new haircut. Her cousin Kiki has a stylish shock of pink hair one week and purple the next, whereas the baby of the family has a mop of soft sweet smelling hair that only Macy is allowed to brush. This joyful celebration of individuality amongst black hairstyles is extended by the books endpapers which picture 13 further examples and by the inclusion throughout of pictures of Macy's ethnically diverse classmates who have their own variety of styles.