From My Window
Author: Otavio Junior
For Reception/KS1
Price 7.99 paperback
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From My Window Memories of the author's own childhood in a favela in Rio de Janeiro are the source of this picture book portrayal of urban community with all its diverse sights and sounds. Vanina Starkoff's lovely artwork creates a collage of shapes and colours with all the detail of buildings at multiple levels and in close proximity, vistas that open up from different heights and angles. This landscape is a hive of activity: people mend roofs, play games, make music; children string homemade phones between windows, fly kites, play football, dream of scoring winning goals at the nearby stadium, or just watch the world from a window. Simple phrases guide the reader to observe this world of the favela, with its crowded outdoor living, its alleys and terraces that still find room for trees and plants, its occasional dangers. An afterword gives a short factural account of favelas.