Football Star
Author: Mina Javaherbin
For KS1
Price 7.99 paperback
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Football Star Brazil is the setting for this author's second picture book in which the universal appeal of football is used to shine a spotlight on a different culture. Felino describes how his favourite sport offers dreams of stardom and an escape from poverty for himself and his friends, most of whom have had to work from an early age whether helping on fishing boats, diving for tourists or shining shoes. But life is full of hope and happiness when they are reunited to play football on the beach at the end of the day - to practise their moves or to compete against other teams. As a sign of changing times, Felino's young sister is accepted by the other boys as a substitute when one of the players injures his wrist and to everyone's delight - she scores! The illustrations by Renato Alarcao conjure up the cramped living conditions of the favela, but also the sheer energy and delight in physical movement of its young footballers.