Field, The
Author: Paul Baptiste
For KS1
Price 7.99 paperback
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Field, The Inspired by the author's memories of childhood on St.Lucia, this exuberant, joyful picture book celebrates the inclusive power of 'futbol' to bind a community together. The setting is a single field on a Caribbean island, where grazing cattle have to be shooed away before a match can begin. Players of different ages, girls and boys, form teams of friends against friends, and hurl themselves into the game, watched by a gathering of spectators. The illustrations by Jacqueline Alcantara deftly convey the excitement and boisterous energy of the participants, whose match cannot be halted by a summons to dinner or even by the arrival of a tropical down-pour. The text is minimal, enlivened by occasional Creole words, for which a short glossary is appended.