Farmer Falgu Goes to the Market
Author: Chitra Soundar
For Reception/Year 1
Price 6.99 paperback
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Farmer Falgu Goes to the Market Another charming story about Farmer Falgu set in rural India This time, one with a message of optimism of what to do when life gives you lemons. When Farmer Falgu takes his ox cart to market laden with eggs and vegetables, the journey does not go smoothly, various mishaps such as bumps in the road and an errant mother duck cause the eggs to crack and tomatoes to get squashed. On arrival,the resourceful Farmer Falgu sets to making delicious omelettes and soon there is a queue in the market waiting to buy them. The lively and dramatic language is ideally suited to reading out loud and for young readers the use of colour and type size in the text of both onomatopoeic words and exclamatory phrases helps to emphasise the poetry inherent in the language. Kanika Nair's boldly outlined and colourful illustrations further enliven the story and chime in with the colour and word size in the text.