Desert Girl, Monsoon Boy
Author: Tara Dairman
For Reception/KS1
Price 13.99 hardback
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Desert Girl, Monsoon Boy This colourful picture book hints at the growing impact of climate change in its series of contrasts between habitats and lifestyles of two families from different regions of north west India. It uses adjacent or split pages to allow the reader to compare the nomadic way of life of a desert dwelling family with that of one settled in a village but equally at the mercy of extreme weather. Life in the desert is hard for a young girl with the daily routine of fetching and carrying water, and wood for fuel, both precious resources. In monsoon country, a young boy has to adapt his clothes to the weather, but a more settled lifestyle allows him to attend school. Yet the children have things in common: the way they prepare and eat food, the need to learn to cope with the demands of their environment. Both suffer the effect of climate change: drought and increasingly fierce sand storms for one and torrential rains and flash floods for the other. Homes are uprooted and families have to journey in search of safety. Here, the paths of the two families are imagined to cross as they find shelter and respite in higher ground. With its simple rhyming text and artwork full of cultural detail, this is an engaging book.