Day You Begin, The
Author: Jacqueline Woodson
For KS1
Price 14.99 hardback
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Day You Begin, The A book about self empowerment for every child who has ever felt measured and found to have fallen short. The story focuses on the particular obstacles facing four children in a culturally diverse primary school setting. For example, one child feels no one looks like her, another is excluded from a game for being too slow. Rulers and tape measures echo this motif as they are incorporated into the accompanying illustrations. The story concludes, gently, with the idea that a moment of bravery will come when you find your voice and share your story and by doing so you will find others who have something which is a little like you as well as a little bit different. Rafael Lopez's illustrations use acrylics to great effect, bold in colour but also adept at depicting inner emotion through facial expressions: a perfect complement to the subtle, poetic text. A book that will help children explore the complexities of feeling different.