Zeki Loves Baby Club
Author: Anna McQuinn
For EYFS/Nursery
Price 7.99 paperback
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Zeki Loves Baby Club This is the second of two new books by the author of 'Lulu Loves the Library' which features Zeki, Lulu's baby brother. Every Wednesday Zeki and his mum go to a baby club, where he looks forward to joining other toddlers in games and songs. It's a diverse group of parents who playfully exchange hellos in their different home languages, before engaging in routines that teach the babies the words and actions to a sequence of songs. The illustrations are simple and joyful and will draw the attention of any toddler sharing the book to try out the activities it depicts. The words to the songs are given at the end of the book, together with useful tips from the author from her experience of using these in similar settings. The enlarged text and strong laminated pages with rounded corners complete the book's toddler-friendly appeal.