You're Safe With Me
Author: Chitra Soundar
For Nursery/Reception
Price 11.99 hardback
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You're Safe With Me In this soothing bedtime story, four baby animals in an Indian forest (a tiger-cub, a monkey, a loris and a pangolin) are restless and frightened when a storm disturbs their sleep. Mama elephant is passing by and cradles them with her trunk, calming their fears when they are woken by the wind, thunder, rain or lightning. 'You're safe with me', she whispers reassuringly, each time, explaining how each part of this natural cycle brings renewal to the world. The lovely illustrations by Poonam Mistry evoke Indian folk art with swirling intricately detailed patterns, mandala-like in composition, to depict the animals blending into their forest habitat, with lines of text sometimes curving around the contours of its geometric shapes, as if the words, too, are cradled by the trunk of Mama Elephant.