I Am Brown
Author: Ashok Banker
For Nursery/Reception
Price 11.99 hardback
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I Am Brown This celebration of brown skinned children everywhere is full of joy and energy as it delivers its positive message of self-esteem. Its visual focus expands from the initial image of a young girl affirming 'I am brown, I am beautiful, I am perfect' to pages with a widening cast of children who demonstrate that skin colour is both ordinary and unique and no obstacle to taking on any role in later life. Images of difference - whether of homeland, language, hairstyle, dress, type of home, religion, customary foods - are interwoven with reassuring images of familiarity and ordinariness ('I am your classmate, your boss, your driver..I made this car, I run this company'.) Sandhya Prabhat's artwork does a wonderful job of animating this core message.