Handa's Noisy Night
Author: Eileen Browne
For Nursery/Reception
Price 7.99 paperback
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Handa's Noisy Night The ever popular Handa is back in a new story and young readers are in for a treat. This time she has been invited for a sleepover with her friend Akeyo and as they get ready to fall asleep Handa hears strange noises. Each time, Akeyo reassures her that it is a familiar sound from one of her family; the rattling outside is just her mother playing the shaker and the sound of slurping is only Nan drinking her bedtime milk. All is of course not as it seems and the reader is in on the joke as the illustrations show various animals awake and noisily going about their business. The front and end papers are illustrated with all the animals included from pangolin to porcupine. The art work is as delightfully colourful and lively as before.