Come Out and Play
Author: Maya Ajmera, photographs by John Ivanko
For Nursery/Reception
Price 13.99 hardback
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Come Out and Play Author Ajmera is the founder of the Global Fund for Children and this is another of her photo books which celebrates the commonality of experience amongst children the world over. Each double spread comprises one full page photograph and a page with 3 photos, depicting a child or children at play in a different country and all in glorious colour. The simple accompanying text explores the myriad ways in which children play: outside, alone, making things, imagining, kicking and hitting, bouncing and tossing and in all kinds of places with all kinds of things. There is an end piece for teachers, carers and parents with a world map highlighting the over 45 countries covered in the book and with some ideas for discussion. The colour photographs throughout are stunning and combined with the clear text make for a wonderfully engaging book