Baby Ruby Bawled
Author: Malaika Rose Stanley
For Nursery
Price 7.99 paperback
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Baby Ruby Bawled Baby Ruby does not want to go to sleep and whenever a family member tries to persuade her to do so, she bawls. Dad gives her a bath, Mum feeds her, but as soon as they try to put her in her cot, she bawls. Nana and Grandad are summoned and try their best, Uncle Clyde tries taking her for a walk in her buggy. Ruby loves all these distractions, but as soon as she is faced with her cot, more bawling. Finally, Theo, her brother has the idea of making up a song and singing to her. Ruby is entranced by the lullaby, but whilst the rest of the exhausted family fall asleep, Ruby remains quiet, but wide awake! Ken Wilson-Max's attractive illustrations use blocks of colour and thick black outlines.