B is for Baby
Author: Atinuke
For Nursery
Price 7.99 paperback
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B is for Baby Author Atinuke and illustrator Angela Brooksbank play with expectations of a conventional book of first words. Not only does the text restrict itself to the letter 'b', but the illustrations reach beyond word definition to compose their own humorous story. Baby, with braids newly decorated with beads, tumbles into a basket of bananas her brother is to take to their Baba. Distracted by music on his headphones, her brother replaces the lid and straps the basket on his bike unaware of the stowaway and sets off on a journey - passing and encountering various plants or animals exemplifying the letter 'b' (baobabs, baboons, butterflies, birds, bougainvillea) - to their grandfather's bungalow. The lovely illustrations convey the detail of the story and its West African setting with great charm and humour.