Oprah Winfrey
Author: Melissa Medina & Fredrik Colting
For KS1/lower KS2
Price 11.95 hardback
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Oprah Winfrey This small format biography of Oprah Winfrey uses bold, colourful graphics and varied texts with a chatty, informal tone aimed at a young readership. It describes how she overcame the disadvantages of an impoverished childhood and broken family to achieve top grades at school. Here she also developed a talent for public speaking which led to jobs in radio and a ground-breaking role for an African-American woman as a TV news anchor. Her own talk show followed, becoming an ongoing, phenomenal success, bringing her vast wealth and the opportunity to pursue philanthropic projects, such as building schools for girls in South Africa. It attributes her rise to fame and continued status as one of the most famous people in the world to her intelligence, shrewd business acumen and above all her supreme skill as a communicator.