Nelson Mandela (Little Guides to Great Lives)
Author: Isabel Thomas
For Juniors/KS2
Price 8.99 hardback
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Nelson Mandela (Little Guides to Great Lives) This small format hardback has bold colour illustrations in a good balance between text and pictures that make the story of Nelson Mandela accessible and interesting to a young reader It gives a concise factual account of his village childhood and subsequent political education and explains how his opposition to South Africa's apartheid laws leads him to join the ANC, influenced by Gandhi's example of peaceful protest. It explains the reasons for his arrest and imprisonment on Robben Island, when the government accuses the ANC of planning armed resistance, describes how he became a focus of ever increasing international pressure on the regime during his 27 years in jail and how after his release he becomes President in an historic election where voting is open to all people.. A glossary and timeline are included.