Mae Jemison: Blast off into Space like,
Author: Caroline Moss
For Juniors/KS2
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Mae Jemison: Blast off into Space like, This biography of Mae Jemison - the first Black woman astronaut - is visually arresting, and inviting to read, with short chapters, varied texts and dramatic illustration. Her pioneering achievements exemplify her maxim: 'Never be limited by other people's limited imaginations'. Engaging the reader directly, many such inspirational tags are combined with practical advice: above all, that dreams are only won by self-belief, dedication and hard work. Growing up in the 1960's. a time of change, Mae nurtured an ambition to become a scientist from an early age, despite having few role models for such a career, but with the support of her parents, she aims high. gaining degrees from two universities. Within a few years she is working at the Kennedy Space Center developing software for space shuttles before being chosen to spend a week in space conducting research. Later in life she devotes herself to an educational foundation in memory of her mother, offering herself as a role model, in order to promote science as an exciting career for young people. This thoroughly engrossing biography concludes with ten key lessons from Mae's life for young readers to reflect on.