I am Harriet Tubman
Author: Brad Meltzer
For KS1/Year2/Year 3
Price 11.99 hardback
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I am Harriet Tubman Another extraordinary role model, Harriet Tubman this time, tells her story in this non fiction biography series. Born into slavery and brought up with a strong sense of what is right, Harriet managed to escape. She tells us that over an eleven year period, she led 70 people to freedom despite it being both dangerous and unsafe, gaining herself the nickname 'Moses'. There is an ongoing message for young readers that success is not what you achieve for yourself but what you do for others. The conversational style, comic graphics in colour and combination of speech bubbles and text make an attractive read for younger children. There is a useful timeline and also photographic evidence at the end of the book as well as a reminder that Tubman continued to work to improve people's lives including the struggle for women's suffrage.