Grandfather Gandhi
Author: Arun Ghandi & Bethany Hegedus
For KS1 & KS2
Price 13.99 hardback
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Grandfather Gandhi This picture book offers a personal and touching memoir of a young boy's relationship with his famous grandfather. When Arun travels with his parents from South Africa on a long visit to India he resents having to ahare his relative with a whole village of devoted followers and worries he will never live up to the high ideals of the Gandhi name. Arun struggles with the ascetic lifestyle and the unfamiliar language before turning to his grandfather in emotional crisis after an altercation with another boy during a game of football. He learns a lesson about anger and is comforted to realise his grandfather takes a keen interest in his well-being. The illustrations are finely tuned to the emotions of the story and the details of Gandhi's teachings they reveal are likely to further arouse the reader's curiosity about his life.