Grandad Mandela
Author: Zazi, Ziwelene, and Zindzi Mandela
For upper KS1/lower KS2
Price 7.99 paperback
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Grandad Mandela This picture book tribute to Nelson Mandela is written by his two great grand-children and his youngest daughter. It takes the form of a family conversation with a simple question and answer format. Zazi and Ziwelene are staying at Grandma Zindzi's house and begin asking about their famous relative, curious to know 'Why Did Grandad Go to Jail?' or wondering 'What is Justice?' In language suitable for a child, Grandma Zindzi's answers help them understand their grandfather's fight against the system of apartheid. Similarly, the full page collage style illustrations help the young reader visualise key events in the story and in keeping with the book's positive message, images of brutality, imprisonment and protest give way to pictures of reconciliation between races when Grandad Mandela is released and elected as President.