Become a Leader like Michelle Obama
Author: Caroline Moss
For Juniors/KS2
Price 9.99 hardback
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Become a Leader like Michelle Obama This biography of Michelle Obama grabs attention with bold graphics and brightly coloured illustration to chart a journey to international fame - not just as the wife of America's first black President, but as a role model in her own right. Self-belief and hard work shape her character, helping her win a place at Princeton University, and later, at Harvard Law School. Marriage to Barack Obama marks a shift from her career as corporate lawyer to an involvement in community law projects which tried to make a difference in people's lives. She shares Barack's commitment to public service, supporting his election as Senator and subsequently as President. But alongside her public role as First Lady, the White House gives her a stage to continue with projects and campaigns dear to her, in particular ones involving the health and education of children. An afterword summarises ten key lessons from her life and invites the young reader to apply to themselves some of the questions raised.