Welcome to Nowhere
Author: Elizabeth Laird
For Juniors/KS2
Price 6.99 paperback
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Welcome to Nowhere This is a timely book from a skilled storyteller with a social conscience, as it tells the gripping, heart stopping and moving story of 12 year old Omar and his family as they descend from normal family life to that of refugees fleeing war torn Syria. While maintaining a compellingly readable and exciting narrative, Laird introduces and explores important issues regarding disability, gender and culture. The ending leaves Omar and his family on their way to England for an unknown future, the reality of which, Laird makes clear in an afterword, is up to the reader to determine. In her foreword, Laird give a succinct outline of Syria's very recent history, with an illustation of a map of the country and those it borders. Best suited to Years 5 & 6