No Ballet Shoes in Syria
Author: Catherine Bruton
For Juniors/upper KS2
Price 6.99 paperback
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No Ballet Shoes in Syria We meet eleven year old Aya just as she has arrived in Britain from Syria with her mother and baby brother, seeking asylum. A moving and powerful story follows as Aya finds a ballet class next to the Community Centre for refugees where she and her mother are fighting for permission to remain in the UK . The ballet teacher, Miss Sylvia spots her talent and determines to help her gain a scholarship. Aya's experience is mirrored by that of Miss Sylvia, a kindertransport refugee,who had relied on the kindness of strangers herself. Notwithstanding the happy ending, the story will help children understand some of the issues refugees face while also being swept along by a story for ballet lovers involving a lively group of girls .Bruton's Afterword explains her desire to challenge readers' preconceptions and to help them negotiate some of the most difficult issues for those growing up in today's world, a task she executes admirably.