Dreams of Freedom
Author: Amnesty International & Various individual authors
For KS1/KS2
Price 12.99 hardback
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Dreams of Freedom Using the same format as its sister publication, We Are All Born Free, and again in association with Amnesty International, this book uses short quotations to explore notions of freedom. The collection includes voices of both contemporary and historic champions of freedom. Some names are familiar such as Harriet Tubman and Malala Yousafzai and others are less widely known, such as Ali Ferzat, the Syrian political cartoonist, and Nadia Anjuman, the Afghan journalist and poet who was beaten to death by her husband for writing about the oppression of women. Each short quotation is incorporated into a full colour double page illustration by a different, international, children's book artist such as the UK's Chris Riddell and Palestine's Raouf Karray. The artwork is used to powerful effect and provides as much of a springboard for discussion as the quotations. Biographical information on all of the contributors is included at the end of the book.