Boy At The Back Of the Class, The
Author: Onjali Q. Rauf
For KS2
Price 6.99 paperback
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Boy At The Back Of the Class, The A timely and poignant book which tackles the refugee crisis with clarity and compassion through the questions and actions of a 9 year old narrator whose name, gender and ethnicity are not revealed until the end of the book. It tells the story of the new boy at the back of the class, Ahmet, who we learn is a refugee from Syria who speaks no English and is desperate to find the parents he has been separated from. Curiosity drives the narrator and friends, Josie Michael and Tom to find out more until they know they must act to reunite Ahmet with his parents. The narrator has a convincing inner voice which will help readers understand the difficult issues raised. Friendship, kindness and humour underpin the narrative of this compelling story.