Arrival, The
Author: Shaun Tan
For Juniors/KS2 & KS3
Price 10.99 paperback
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Arrival, The This extraordinary wordless graphic novel invites us - even by its cover which resembles a dusty old ledger - to open a window on a secret world which pays tribute to generations of unnamed migrants. It uses muted sepia colours and perspectives that expand to vast double page panoramas then recede in pages broken into small squares to compose an endlessly inventive visual narrative of a man seeking asylum in a foreign country. We see this strange new world through the eyes of the refugee, sharing his attempts to decipher its language, rules, its surreal labyrinthine cityscapes, and strange inhabitants. Images of solitude and melancholy are lightened by touches of humour and odd friendly encounters as the puzzle of an alien culture gradually resolves itself and the sequence of pictures moves towards a happy ending .