New Year's Reunion, A
Author: Yu Li-Qiong & Zhu Cheng-Liang
For Early Years/KS1
Price 6.99 paperback
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New Year's Reunion, A This picture book tells the touching story of a young girl's reunion with her father - a migrant worker who is only able to return to his family over the Chinese New Year celebration. Her father's presence lends an extra significance to the festivities for little Maomao, and together they enjoy the spectacle of the dragon parade, the firecrackers and all the other rituals that mark the New Year. When he hides a lucky fortune coin in a sticky rice ball for her to find, this becomes a talisman of MaoMao's happiness - and its fragility when she thinks - mistakenly - to have lost it. The simple text and lovely colour illustrations combine to tell a story with a rich emotional resonance.