Mayowa and the Masquerades
Author: Lola Shoneyin
For Early Years/KS1
Price 6.99 paperback
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Mayowa and the Masquerades Lagos city boy, Mayowa, sulks when his parents take him to visit his grandmother in the rural town of Ilisan; he had been planning a day playing games on his computer. But his Gran has invited a neighbour's child, Denuyi, to entertain Mayowa, and the two boys are soon engrossed in exploring their surroundings. It is the day of a festival to honour deceased loved ones, and the boys are entranced by the appearance of the Masquerades - costumed, masked figures which traditionally represent powerful ancestral spirits in Yoruba culture. They join the crowd drawn by the drumming and singing and dance along in pursuit of the spectacle, almost getting lost and having to ask the way back to Mayowa's grandmother's compound. Francis Blake's quirky illustrations are a comic delight: capturing all the carefree excitement of two boys sharing a memorable day.