Malaika's Winter Carnival
Author: Nadia L.Hohn
For KS1
Price 13.99 hardback
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Malaika's Winter Carnival In this engaging sequel to Malaika's Costume, a young girl must adapt to life in a mixed heritage family, and a new country, when her mother marries a new partner, a white Canadian with a daughter. Malaika is distraught to be leaving her beloved grandmother and all the warmth and familiarity of her Jamaican home. She tells the story of her move to Canada in her own voice, mixing the patois and vernacular speech of her Caribbean upbringing with standard English. Her comparisons between the two cultures are tearfully made to begin with, as she struggles with a new language, a new climate, her new family and the disappointment of a Winter Carnival that turns out to have little resemblance to the vivid colours and costumes of its Caribbean equivalent. A video call from her Grandma reassures her, however, and offers a way of bridging her two worlds, leaving Malaika in a more positive mood. The attractive collage-style illustration help convey the contrasts of place, and deftly capture Mailaika's emotional turmoil.