Festival Folk: An Atlas of Carnival Costumes and Customs
Author: Rob Flowers
For Juniors/Ks2
Price 14.95 hardback
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Festival Folk: An Atlas of Carnival Costumes and Customs This is a fascinating compendium of carnival culture and traditions in different parts of the world by an author/illustrator with a long-standing enthusiasm for the subject. The main body of the book comprises single or double-page spreads describing a specific carnival or festival, arranged in alphabetic order. Brightly coloured illustrations describe the typical costumes and masks associated with each celebration, with small blocks of text explaining particular features, the meaning of symbols and the beliefs, legends or myths which are commemorated. An introductory section explains the links between carnival and seasons of the year, gives a calendar of festivals, and explores common features, such as the materials used in costumes or the ritual lighting of bonfires. An end piece offers maps of the continents, identifying the places where the various carnivals and celebrations are situated.