Cinderella: An Islamic Tale
Author: Fawzia Gilani
For Early Years/KS1
Price 9.99 hardback
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Cinderella: An Islamic Tale This version of Cinderella has many of the traditional ingredients: a cruel stepmother, two bullying step-sisters and a wise grandmother with mystical powersr who intercedes on Cinderella's behalf so that she might attend a lavish (Eid) party at the royal palace. Cinderella - whose real name is Zahra - combines a sweet nature with a devout faith, placing her trust in Allah and in prayer. This Islamic version with illustrations that conjure up a medieval Andalusian setting offers a powerful retelling and imparts a religious dimension to its familiar tale of virtue rewarded.. An afterword gives a glossary of Arabic terms, and references for the occasional quotation from the Qur'an and Hadith.