Cinderella of the Nile
Author: Beverley Naidoo
For upper KS1/lower KS2
Price 12.99 hardback
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Cinderella of the Nile In this picture book from Tiny Owl, Beverley Naidoo re-tells one of the oldest Cinderella variants, first mentioned by storytellers in ancient Rome and Greece. A young girl, Rhodopis, known for her unusual beauty, is captured from her Greek village by pirates and sold as a slave - first to a household on the island of Samos, where she is befriended by Aesop, but then to a Greek merchant living in Egypt where she is bullied by three sisters amongst the servants. This Cinderella is resilient, however, and her kindness towards birds and animals is instrumental in winning the attention of the Pharoah after a falcon steals one of her tiny slippers and drops it into his hands, prompting a countrywide search for its owner. Fantastical illustrations in the style of murals incorporating images from Ancient Greek and Egyptian culture are the perfect accompaniment to an engaging story.